Payloadz Review


Product Overview

Payloadz is a secure digital goods e-commerce service that allows anyone to sell downloadable goods online such as e-books, softwares, digital arts and anything that can be downloaded.

It works with major payment processors like Paypal and Google Checkout. Their automated service ensures that your digital goods will arrive securely to your customers as soon as they make their payment. It also has a lot of features like an easy-to-use control panel, secure and automated downloading, eBay action support, adwords conversion tracking and a whole lot more.

What You Get

All Payloadz account features secure file storage, automated file deliveries, digital auctions on yahoo, ebay and amazon, product import via spreadsheets, detailed product tracking, sales statistics, an affiliate builder system, product key and registration delivery, transaction log export and support for six currencies (US$, C$, Euro, Pound Sterling, AU$, Yen).

File storage limitations will depend on which plan you have subscribed to. But for Plan V and Plan VI, you will get unlimited file storage.

Company Behind It was founded on 2004 and their company can be found in New York.


The cost for Payloadz accounts comes in flat monthly fee pricings. They are also offering their services free for the first month. For every succeeding month after that, the pricing is as follows:



Premium I


Premium II


Premium III


Premium IV


Premium V


Premium VI



Payloadz is so confident with the performance of their system that they are offering a 150% money-back guarantee for the first month's fee if you are not getting any sales from using their system.

What I Like

I like the money-back guarantee that Payloadz is offering, if they are that confident, then you can be sure to get quality services from them.

What I Don't Like

The downside to Payloadz is that there is a transaction limit within 30 days for each plan. If you get a sudden surge in sales for your website, you might end up losing some sales due to the transaction limit that's being implemented by the site.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. Payloadz is a great service that makes sure your customers get the products that they bought from you safely. Not only this, but you will also get a lot of useful features that will help you in running your business safely and smoothly. If you want to try out their services first, you can always sign up for a free account and see if it suits your business' needs. And if ever you've run into any problems with your paid account, don't forget that they are offering as much as 150% money-back guarantee, so you can just cancel your account and get your money back.