Easy Download Protector Review


Product Overview

The Easy DL Protector is a script that stops digital product theft. It allows you to set up a secure password protected download and membership area that let's your customers acces them only after they have paid for your product. It allows you to sell your product through ClickBank and Paypal using just one script and allows you to sell multiple products from e-books to flash content from one domain.

What You Get

The Easy DL Protector comes with free installation. And for a limited time, you will also get Jimmy Brown's Affiliate Defender which will help protect your affiliate links by scrambling them so it will not be stolen by unscrupulous people.

Person Behind It

Easy DL Protector is a product of How To Corp. and Michael Green.


The Easy DL Protector costs $147 for a single installation.


The Easy DL Protector comes with a 56 day full money-back guarantee. If within this period you are not satisfies with the performance of the script on your website, you can simply ask for a refund. However, if the product is already installed on your website, there is a deduction of $50 for the professional install work that was done.

What I Like

The Easy DL Protector not only keeps your digital products safe from theft, it also sends you alerts whenever someone is trying to steal from you. It also has a lot of other useful features that you need for online sales such as customer management, integration with ClickBank and Paypal, personalized welcome messages and it even integrates with autoresponders like aweber.

It also allows your customers to create their own password protected instant access to your downloads, and if they forget their passwords, the Easy DL Protector will take care of that too.

What I Don't Like

Once you purchase the Easy DL Protector, it will have to be installed on your website by their technical staff, though you have the option to watch them while they install the scripti, this might come as a turn-off for some people who prefer doing things like these themselves. I also don't like how they have to deduct $50 from the refund once the script has been installed into your website.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. Installing the Easy DL Protector in your website is a good way to ensure that your digital products are being kept safe from online product theft and will save you a lot of money, time and effort that you've spent in creating your product without letting others just download it for free without your permission.