DL Guard Review


Product Overview

DL Guard is a script that protects your downloads from online theft and link sharing systems. It can also manage downloads and make sure that only authorized customers are able to access your digital products. One of the most important features of this script is that it generates a unique download link that is only accessible for a limited time for every customer to make sure that the link is not shared. It also automatically adds every customer to an auto responder which will make future communication with your existing customers easier.

What You Get

Once you purchase DL Guard, you will get a double install license that's good for two websites. And as an owner of DL Guard, you will also get access to their affiliate program where you can get as much as 50% profit every time someone buys DL Guard from your link.

Company Behind It

Sam Stephens is the owner and developer of DL Guard.


For the price of $127, you will get a double install license. If you require more than two installation licenses for DL Guard, you can simply contact them through their website for a special pricing.


DL Guard comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee, if for some reason you're not happy with DL Guard's performance, you can just return it and get a full 100% refund. All refunds are made through ClickBank and are processed quickly.

What I Like

DL Guard has many important features that is useful for internet sales management such as: unique download links, page security, customer tracking and reporting, promotional coupons, automated conversion rates and much more. It supports up to three kinds of digital sales method and it works with most major payment processors. It is also fully customisable and comes with a number of templates that you can use and modify.

The installation for DL Guard is 90% automated so it is easy and does not require you to be an IT expert to have it up and running in your website. And if you are still doubtful about this, you can actually test out the installation process for DL Guard before you purchase it. And if ever you run into any problems with the script, you can simply send an email or visit the DL Guard forums and Sam Stephens will personally answer your questions and help you find a fix for any problems that you might be having with the script.

What I Don't Like

When you purchase DL Guard, you are only given one version of the product and after one year, you will have to pay a nominal fee again to receive any future upgrades for the script.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes, absolutely. DL Guard is packed with features that makes managing an internet businesss easier by automating the tasks that you just don't have the time for. It is easy to install and is fully integrated with all the top payment processors and is fully customisable which will give you a lot of options to work with for your website. And with its full money-back guarantee, you definitely have nothing to lose.