Digital Product Guard Review


Product Overview

Digital Product Guard is an easy to use script that automatically protects payments for your sales and will secure your digital products so that only authorized customers can download them. It works with any browser and is compatible with most major payment processors that handle payments for digital products.

The script will collect and record a customer's name, email address and IP address then send them to a protected ‘Thank You' page with the secure download link where they can get their instant download from a protected download location. It will then send a thank you message to the buyer and send you a detailed sales report. It can also be customized to automatically add a buyer to your desired auto responder so that you can easily send emails and promotions to your customers.

What You Get

When you purchase the Digital Product Guard, you will get the script through an instant download. As an added bonus, you will get all updates and future new releases of Digital Product Guard for no extra charge.

In addition, you will also become an affiliate member and get a customized version of the software that will insert the link to your affiliate website and a brief advertisement for your affiliate website in every Thank You email that it sends to your customers. You will also get as much as 50% profit for every sale through the product's affiliate program.

Person Behind It

Digital Product Guard is developed by Don Richter.


The Digital Product Guard costs $67.


The Digital Product Guard comes with a 56 day money-back guarantee. If during this time you will find that this product is working like it claims, you can simply return it and get a full refund immediately, no questions asked.

What I Like

The Digital Product Guard is an easy to use script that can easily be installed in any website. It comes with specific step-by-step instructions that tell you how to modify the script by just using a simple text editor like Notepad, so you can easily setup the product yourself. No programming knowledge is required to install and customize the script.

What I Don't Like

While the Digital Product Guard is a good script that helps protect your downloads, it lacks a couple of features that can be found in other download link protection scripts.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. The Digital Product Guard is a versatile and lightweight script that not only protects your downloads from online theft, it also has a lot of other useful features that will make your website and download pages look more professional and since this script can fully automate the entire process, it can help a lot in saving time and money. And because it comes with a full money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose if you want to test out the script for your website.