Digital Download Software Reviews



If you are looking to sell digital products online and you are at this site then you are probably looking for a script to automate the digital delivery of your products. On this site you'll find some reviews of the more reputable digital download scripts and services available to you.

There are many script on the market today the promise to help you sell your digital goods but what I've found through hours of trying different products that there are really only a handful of products that you should really consider using.

We have taken the time to review these products so you can make an educated decision on which one to purchase. Enjoy and good luck with your online business!

Overall Top Pick: DLGuard

When we were evaluating scripts to automate the sale of digital products we wanted to find a script that went beyond the basics of simply download page protection and automated delivery. After evaluating several scripts the one that stood out from the crowd was definetly DLGuard. It had the most features and it worked with the most payment gateways.

DLGuard is an extremely effective, well-developed program that I recommend heartily to all Clickbank sellers and anyone else who sells downloadable media, including ebooks, and even provides membership site access protection and paypal integration. A+

                                                                         - Ken Calhoun

Our DLGuard Review

DLGuard is not just a download page protector, DLGuard is a full sales and customer management system and can help you protect, streamline, and grow your online business.

Secure single product sales
Built-in shopping cart
Create Membership sites
Expiring download links
Limit download attempts
Offer promotional coupons
Calculates sales conversion rates automatically
Template based for easy customisation
Automatic mailing list sign-up
Integrated with the major payment systems

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